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      Welcome to the official website of Zhejiang Changxing Shengli Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd!
      Search keywords: Floor scrubbers Sweepers
      Company Profile
      Zhejiang Changxing Shengli Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Huzhou, Zhejiang, is a new modern enterprise dedicated to the research and development, assembly, sales and after-sales service of clean and environmental protection equipment.
            To provide the public with convenient, environmentally friendly, economical and practical modern...
      Contact >> 400-022-3058
      core competitiveness
      Six core competitiveness
      One-button start
      One-button start cleaning mode
      Three-in-one purging,
      suction and spraying
      High cleaning efficiency and fast speed
      Brand battery
      Brand battery is more reliable
      High stability
      electronic control
      Good brand controller is safe to use
      Powerful motor
      Strengthen practical and durable endurance
      LED headlights of
      the whole vehicle
      Sustainable work at night
      Product Center
      M-1250 ride-on sweeper
      M-1400 ride-on sweeper (standard)
      M-1400 Ride-on Sweeper (with Shed)
      M-1400 ride-on sweeper (windshield)…
      M-1900 fully enclosed sweeper
      M-2100 fully enclosed sweeper
      M-2400 four-wheel sweeper
      MP-1800 ride-on sweeper
      FC50 push-behind double box floor s…
      FC60 ride-on floor scrubber (semi-a…
      FC70 Double Brush Ride-on Floor Was…
      Do not pick the floor, clean it and do not raise dust
      One machine solves the problem of factory cleaning
      Spray dust suppression large capacity dust collection box sweeping and suction two in one, easy to deal with cleaning problems in various places
      Service hotline:400-022-3058
      Zhejiang Changxing Shengli Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd
      Zhejiang Changxing Shengli Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.


      postbox:shengli_fc@163. com

      Address: 181 Jinzhu Road, Taihu Street, Changxing County,
      Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province

      Mobile station, WeChat scanning

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